Let the games begin

Figured, I’ll put it here publicly (as public as a personal blog gets) as a silent reminder to myself to proceed further :)

I spend my life doing web for work and, often, pleasure. At the same time, I love playing video games, exploring what indie game devs are up to. Making a game was always something i wanted to do; besides, it’s nice to switch your brains from one activity to another.

SO HERE WE COME! @sosedoff is handling codes and i’m in charge of models. And we hope to figure the rest as we go :) It’s a side quest 👹 , so it’s going slow.


I’m not going to share the plot or a gameplay (so EA won’t steal it). But meet Derek! He is flat for now.

Blender 3D

Last time i did something 3D-realted was in college when I was building geometry for CFD modeling. I didn’t not make anything complex - models of pipes and square cavities were the tops. Thought, class I took 4 years ago while in grad school on iterative and multigrid methods definetelly helped - i know that meshes exist 😬

As any other complex software, it’s practically impossible to operate Blender 3D without use of hot keys. I do not have numpad and it slows me down even more, since switching the views is binded to it.

Either way, here is a level map :)

Stay tuned 🤖.